Sun Therape Lotion and Sport Spray

Sun Therape Lotion and Sport Spray

Being on the golf course in the sun, wind and rain certainly can play havoc on your skin.  Sun Therapè® Pro Sport™, a one-step moisturizer/sunscreen combo that can be used all year round and gives you dual skin protection, protecting you from the natural elements of being outdoors.  Sun Therape ProSport does this by providing hydration to the skin along with protection from UVA/UBV radiation.

Sun Therape ProSport is available in spray or lotion and contains vitamins and antioxidant ingredients to provide a daily barrier that guards skin against environmental damage.   Easy to use on the face and body, the product is fast-drying and non-greasy or oily like some other sun protection products.

With SPF 35 and UVB protection, Sun Therape ProSport is age-defying with botanically-based ingredients that include jojoba, avocado, macadamia, and aloe.  These natural ingredients help to preserve your skin in the hot, burning sun or blistering wind. It does this by filtering out UVA rays that age skin as it penetrates through the surface of the skin and into the deep layers.

The advanced anti-aging, daily protective moisturizer formula is an essential daily treatment and works for deep cellular protection. It absorbs quickly and drys to a silky finish.

Sun Therape ProSport sprays and lotions provide lasting protection for active lifestyles of all types and leave you feeling confident that you are doing the right thing for your skin.

MSRP: $4.95 and up


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