Regardless of a golfer’s skill level, if you can’t fully focus on the task at hand while your playing, or training, you are highly unlikely to succeed at the task. This is where ShoeTips literally ‘step in’ to help.  The interchangeable swing thought reminders are excellent for helping you master your mental game and to achieve peak performance. 

Step It Up A Notch

Once you’re ready to make a real statement and gain more focus during your rounds, try using ShoeTips. They’re easy to install onto your favorite golf shoe and, help you to concentrate on what’s important.


Simply select two swing thoughts (from the 18 swing thoughts that are provided) to remember. Grab your golf shoe, insert the labels securely into the two base clips, and then, you can easily slide the clips snugly over your shoelaces.


The ShoeTips reminders can’t be missed when you view down to see your ball, because they are in full view on top of your shoelaces!   Some golfers even prefer to use the ShoeTips on their golf equipment, such as on their golf bag, instead of on their shoelaces. Either way, each time you select a club, or strike a ball, the ShoeTips, help you to clearly focus and concentrate on your thoughts, helping you to be ready for making a good shot.


The ShoeTips labels are easy to change when you’re ready for another focus. Organized into 3 categories: FOCUS, relating to your mind, FEEL, to your body, and TECHNIQUE, to your swing mechanics.

Shoetips-2And, with ShoeTips, if you can’t find the exact tip that you want? Then, just write your own custom tips on the reverse side of the labels with an indelible marker! ShoeTips has got you covered. Great for golfers, coaches, trainers, students and others who need help with focus.

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