Media Kit

advertise with us_400The African American Golfer’s Digest is a national, quarterly lifestyle magazine with content specifically focused on informing and entertaining avid Black American golfers.

The publication was founded in 2003, is a PGA of America Diverse Supplier in the United States.

Mission:  Dedicated to educating and empowering its readers and we do this by providing news and commentary on issues that affect the health, well-being and varied interests in the game.

Moreover, we seek to increase the growth of golf rounds among our core market segment while also increasing the participation and advancement of African Americans in the golf industry workplace by supplying news on career opportunities and professional training.


Who reads the African American Golfer’s Digest?
A recent research study conducted by us indicates that:

55% of readers are professionals
20% are business owners
18% are retirees (age 65+)
79% are college graduates
21% have some college experience
70% are male, 30% are women
74% own a personal computer
38% own a smart phone
59% read news online
70% own a primary residence
22% own rental property
87% own at least one or more vehicles
23% plan to buy/lease a vehicle within the next year
86% have one or more retirement savings plan
64% use a financial planner or broker
38% has one or more savings bond
58% use wire transfer services
69% are a member of a golf organization
15% are a member of a private golf club
63% play 6-25 rounds a year
31% play 26+ rounds a year

Our readers have an average household income of $150,000

Our readers have an average household net worth of $650,000

We offer Online Advertising, Print Advertising, and Event Marketing opportunities available for companies seeking to reach our niche demographic market.

Black golfers continue to use the Internet as a reliable tool when making decisions for their playing schedules, tournament participation, booking tee-times, purchasing golf products, communicating with their golf buddies/organizations and for continuing their personal success.

Adding online advertising to complement your print advertising campaign is an excellent avenue to broaden the reach of your message to our audience.

To request a copy of our media kit, learn more about advertising programs for our online, print, special sections and event marketing opportunities please contact:

Debert Cook, CMP
Tel: (212) 571-6559, ext. 11
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