Calvin Peete died on Apr 29, 2015 in Atlanta at age 71. Peete was a golfing pioneer who overcame great physical hardship to become a dominant TOUR player in the 1980s.  His legacy is monumental and his achievements in golf unforgettable.  Thanks to technology, Peete’s golfing instruction will forever be viewable.  Take a look through the links below and witness for yourself the making of this true masterful player.  And take lesson from Peete.

30 Yard Pitch shot

Makeable Short Chips

Driving Accuracy

Calvin Peete Analysis

Calvin Peete Swing Compilation

‪Calvin Peete Works Amari Avery’s Wedge Game Wolf Creek Atlanta

‪Calvin Peete Works 5 Iron w/ Amari Avery Wolf Creek Atlanta

RYS Calvin Peete’s Great Golf Swing Using Ben Hogan’s Letter Lessons:Ben Hogan:Billy Martin

Cal Peete’s similarities to Ben Hogan’s swing

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