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The Chicago Women’s Golf Club (CWGC) was formed on November 16, 1937 by Anna Mae Black (Robinson), Vivian Pitts and Cleo Ball. The initial goals of these visionary women were to continue the interest of golf during the cold and snowy winter months of Chicago, and to encourage beginning golfers to achieve the skills necessary to play and enjoy the game.

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In 1939, following the example of the Wake Robin Golf Club in Washington, D.C., the CWGC sent two representatives to the United Golfers Association (UGA) national meeting. At the time, the UGA was an all-male golfers association. The bold move to attend the meeting was groundbreaking, and the CWGC was accepted as the first women’s golf club admitted to the UGA.

The organization hosted the 1940 UGA national championship at Palos Park Golf Course, just outside Chicago; marking the first time the UGA championship was held in the Midwest. The club would play host to several more UGA national events, and in 1952 they made the county-owned, Pipe O Peace Golf Course their home for club golf outings and competitions.

In 1953, the CWGC formed the Bob-O-Links, created to provide instructions and opportunities for junior golfers. As the youth organization grew, the CWGC mentored young people, while helping to develop their golf skills, etiquette, and sportsmanship. They also chaperoned young golfers to other youth competitions throughout the Midwest, providing lifelong memories for hundreds of players, who are now spread across America.

Credits: National Black Golf Hall of Fame and the Chicago Women’s Golf Club.

For 80 years, the Chicago Women’s Golf Club has been a leader in promoting and developing golfers from predominately African American communities. They have their own clubhouse, which they purchased in 1991, and remain as active today as ever before. For more information, stop by the clubhouse at 2100 East 93rd Street, Chicago, IL 60617, or call 773.375.3395.


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