Editorial Policy

African American Golfer’s Digest is independently published and 100% minority-woman owned. The editorial content is designed to promote the exchange of information and ideas among golfers with a particular focus on the African American golfing community. Articles cover all areas of the golf lifestyle spectrum, including equipment, golf etiquette, travel, clothing, leisure, resorts, profiles, destination reviews, food and beverage, and more. Regular features include in-depth reviews of players, instructors, books, various consumer products and other items of interest.

Although African American Golfer’s Digest is designed to increase the awareness and visibility of African American golfers to readers across the world.  The magazine has achieved a leadership position and loyal following within the golf industry, becoming a PGA of America Diverse Supplier in 2009. The magazine is distributed by subscription only and reaches a variety of demographic audiences, with concentration to the upscale audience with household incomes of $150+.  African American Golfer’s Digest is a consumer sports lifestyle magazine.

As such, we must labor-at all costs-to preserve the editorial integrity of our magazine because our readers look to African American Golfer’s Digest for unbiased, real-world content that showcases the game and players who seldom receive national recognition for their talents, skills, achievements and charitable work in golf.  To ensure that we deliver on our editorial mission, African American Golfer’s Digest does its best to research and fact-check articles that we run in our publication, however, we realize that at times this process is not totally error free.  With any discovery of errors, we will remove content from our website and/or run corrections for our readers awareness.

If you feel that your company provides a service or product that would be of interest to our loyal readers and followers on any of our platforms for the publication (print, digital, social media) you are welcome to pitch the idea to the editor. However, doing so does not indicate a promise or intent to profile the company/product; rather, it means the editor will simply review the pitch. If the editor determines a person, product or service is worthy to be profiled in African American Golfer’s Digest, we will consider conducting an interview with you to make a final determination.

Questions? Debert Cook Editor-In-Chief, at 212-571-6559 or Email