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NEWS: According to findings by the National Golf Foundation, minorities have a definite presence in golf and the relationship between income and participation is as strong, if not stronger, in minority populations. INFO: Minorities are attractive candidates for golf and there is a large untapped pool of latent demand. STATS: Total golf participation by minorities is 5.5 million with non-Hispanic Whites making up 31.2 million. INFO: Of the total of minority golf participants African Americans make up 2.2 million, Hispanic Americans make up 1.7 million and Asian Americans make up 1.5 million. STATS: In total golf participation White males make up 64.4%, White females make up 20.6%, African Americans make up 6.3%, Hispanic Americans make up 4.6% and Asian Americans make up 4.1%. NEWS: Golf participation rates among those age 5 and up who played at least one round of golf or visited a practice facility: Non-Hispanic Whites 16.7%, Asian American 13.7%, African American 7.0%, Hispanic American 5.4%. STATS: Golf participation rates by household income and race for African Americans:  $25-$39K up 7.80%, $40-$49K up 7.10%, $50-$74K up 11.40%, $75-$99K up 11.90%, $100-$149K up 25%, $150K+ up 27.80% INFO: Latent demand studies indicate that there are 5.5 million participants in golf with 9.8 million interested non-participants. STATS: Where do minorities play? Junior participants make up 21%, exclusive alternative 12%, exclusive range 6%, golfers 61%. NEWS: Minorities are highly aware of golf and 9.8 million are interested, 3.4 million are committed regular golfers, 2.1 million are trial golfers (alternative, range and juniors) INFO: According to the U.S. Census and the Compound Annual Growth Rate, African American population growth is expected to increase 1.2% between 2002-20020. STATS: With managed participation African American golf participation is assumed to increase from 2.3 million to 3.9 million between 2003-2020.

Vol. 6, No. 1


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March 9, 2008
ESPN Outside the Lines

January 25, 2008
ESPN Interview:
"GolfWeek Noose Cover"



On June 22, 2006 the University of St Andrews awarded Charlie Sifford the honorary degree, Doctor of Laws, only the second American golfer to receive this honour. The University of St Andrews awarded this honour in recognition of Charlie's achievements as a golfer and his perseverance in the face of injustice. ( more in the Winter 2006 issue.)



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Brooklyn, NY - Sept. 7, 2012

Golf Fitness The 3-2-1 Way
with Ramona Braganza

Core stability is at the heart of a golf swing it Is where the bodie' s center of gravity is and its power source that helps to transfer energy from the acceleration phase to the deceleration phase of a golf swing. (Read the Fall 2010 issue.)

Minority, Lady Golfers
Show Off Their Game!

(L-R) Nancy Lopez, Suzy Whaley and
Donna Richardson-Joyner.

Fitness Guru Donna Richardson- Joyner Becomes First African American Spokeswoman for
Women’s Golf Month

Women's Golf Month celebrates its fifth anniversary this June with a trio of spokeswomen to help promote the Play Golf America program. "I am sharing my love for the game of golf with a passion to improve people's lives spiritually, mentally and physically," Richardson Joyner said. (Read the Spring 2009 issue.)

Sistas On The Links

When Founder, Janet Johnson started this Northern California ladies golf group, she had no idea that just a few months later the organization would become an official member club of the Western States Golf Association (WSGA), distinguishing them as the only all African American women’s club in the WSGA. (Read more in the Spring 2009 issue.)

Golfing Ghana: AAGD Inaugural Trip to the Motherland
Akwaaba means welcome in Twi, an Akan language, and this is how Ghanaians will warmly welcome you to their country. During our publication's trip to Ghana, five of us traveled from the U.S. to the gateway to Africa and enjoyed plenty of history, culture -and yes, lots of challenging golf.  Cynthia Hall (above) is a lawyer by trade and she kept a daily diary on the journay and details the excitement of our rounds at 4 courses: the Accra area, Achimota, Tema and Celebrity golf courses and in central Ghana the Kumasi Royal Club.(Read Fall 2010 issue.) Read the details of our amazing trip HERE.

Youth Caddie Golf Association
...These Girls Are Special!

Six African American girls make up the 41 member association based in Stockton, California and all are hoping to become Class A caddies. The program was established in 2006. (Read the Spring 2009 issue)

Midnight Golf

College Tour Featured on

View the video of this fantastic college tour that continues to touch and change the lives of hundreds of Detroit youth each year. Founder: Renee Fluker

Lajean Gould (above, right),
president of the Women In Golf Goundation, with University of Texas golfer Cassie as they celebrate the Annual Women’s Collegiate Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the best of female golfers from Historically Black Colleges & Universities attend at the Sugar Creek Golf and Tennis Club to compete for the Renee Powell Cup. ( more in the June 2005 issue.

Amber Peden
Born and raised in Detroit, Amber says that she feels that her city is always portrayed negatively. “I come from a city where all you see on the news are negative things and where no one really plays golf.” While on her high school swim team, she wasn’t gaining much fulfillment, so she turned to golf. It took her a while to learn the rules but once she did, she quickly caught on.

Now, she has enjoyed a “Hollywood” experience, while participating in a PGA of America (public service announcement) and the former Midnight Golf student is at Kalamazoo College, majoring in chemistry and on the girls’ golf team leading the way for others to follow their dreams.
( more in the Spring 2008 issue.)

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Lillian Lambert

Being born on a Virginia farm in Ballsville (50 miles west of Richmond) in the segregated south did not stop this quintessential woman from wanting a better life.  At the age of 18 she moved, worked for a few years as a maid and typist only to discover that education would be her opportunity for a life filled with many possibilities. 

Lambert obtained a BA degree from Howard University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, simultaneously achieving a historical milestone by being the first African American woman to receive a Harvard MBA. Lillian accomplished things many would deem unattainable.  But according to her, being introduced to the game of golf at the age of 46 is her favorite milestone.  Her handicap is 26 and her lowest score is 91. 
(Read more in the Fall 2010 wrap-up issue.)

Shasta C. Averyhardt

The results are in:
Ms. Shasta Averyhardt has been elected by Sisters Across America, Inc., as a candidate for assistance with becoming an LPGA Tour Professional.

Shasta selected Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi and will graduate in December 2008 with a degree in Accounting. She played under Coach Eddie Payton and Jackson State has always been first or second in the South West Athletic Conference (SWAC) standings.

“I am very grateful to be selected as a recipient by Sisters Across America. Their financial support means so much to me and I am thankful for that! My primary goal is to play on the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour,” says Shasta. For four consecutive years, she received the ladies medalist honors in the SWAC (Read the Fall 2008 issue.)

Ladies At The Links
was founded by Hattie Robinson (L), Kim Davis (R) and three other ladies who simply love to play golf. Their passionate twist will rate their golfing experiences at resorts, spas, golf courses, pro shops and for apparel. The Ladies plan to share their weekend golf journeys with other female golfers across the country. (Read more in the Fall 2008 issue.)

Les Birdies Golf Club of Charlotte, NC combines great fun with lasting friendships for women who wish to improve their golf game while also working to promote the sport among community organizations.
(Read more in the
Fall 04 issue.)

Paula Pearson-Tucker:
The Heart Of A Champion
This Miami, FL golf instructor knows a thing, or two, about possibilities, as she is currently the only active African American competing on the Duramed FUTURES Tour.
“I had been a stockbroker for 17 years and I hated my job. It was a cut-throat business and I was under a lot of pressure, so I quit and moved back to Miami. While I was trying to decide what to do, I played golf...I was broke, but I was finally happy. That’s when I realized that this game had changed my life,” says Pearson-Tucker.
(Read more in the Summer 2008 issue.)

Elaine “Pepper” Bolden-Peete
Pepper is a phenomenal Black woman in today’s fast-growing golf industry. She has served as the Executive Director for The First Tee of Jacksonville since 2005. Under her leadership the organization is presently in negotiations for a $2.8 million “Capital Improvement” Learning Center for the Old Brentwood Golf Course in Jacksonville.

Pepper is also the lovely wife of legendary golfing professional Calvin Peete. Growing up in Denver, CO, she knew that one day her life would have a broader purpose. (...more in the Spring 2008 issue.)

Naomi Mitchell: Jr Champion
(August 12th, 2008) Naomi Mitchell of Virginia Beach may only be 8 years old be she already has a major golf win to her credit. She recently returned from Pinehurst after one of the biggest tournaments for juniors as Age Group Champion and the US Kids Golf World Championship. She is only the third African Americans to ever win a title, Tiger's niece is one of the others.

Diane Lang smiles with great pride as she claimed her third USGA Senior Women’s Amateur title in four years at the Tulsa Country Club. (Read more in the Fall 2008 issue.)

Jozi Ainley
of Kenya, E. Africa

This Nakuru, Kenya resident, smiled during the Duramed FUTURES Tour 2009 Qualifying Tournament. Understandably, she felt a strong kinship with President-elect Barack Obama. (Read more in the Winter/Jan. 2009 issue)
Dr. Betty Brabble

"Ask Betty," our rules columnist, keeps you on the 'straight and narrow' with the rules of golf.

As Historian of the Wake Robin Golf Club, the nations oldest black women's golf group, based in Washington, DC, she answers your toughest questions 'by the book' according to USGA rules.

With years of golf playing experience, Dr. Betty Brabble will help you discover the joy of playing the game correctly.

Submit your questions to the "Ask Betty" column at

Eve Wright
Former Director of
Legal Affairs, LPGA

The game of golf for Eve Wright, prior to joining the Ladies Professional Golf Association as Director of Legal Affairs, was an elusive sport. Promoting golf turned into being among her most challenging accomplishments. While there, her position at the LPGA, a non-profit corporation supporting women’s golf, thrust her into a profession where she was able to hone her golf skills while advancing the organization. ( more in the Spring 2005 issue.)


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Sheila C. Johnson Opens New Dominican Republic Resort

Fishing Lodge Cap Cana, the new luxury villa resort opened Fall 2011 on the Eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, an area that features more oceanfront holes than any other layout in the Western hemisphere. Managed by Salamander Hotels & Resorts, which is owned by businesswoman Sheila C. Johnson, The resort includes two restaurants, two bars, four pools, a wedding chapel, fitness center, boutique shops, and 30,000 square feet of event spaces, including two waterfront plazas and a spectacular outdoor amphitheater. (Read more in the Winter/Spring 2012 issue.)


Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club

These ladies proudly presented a $2,000 fundraising check to the Sistercare organization to assist battered women. The 40 member club made the contribution on behalf of their annual tournament at the Ridgewood Ladies Family and Friends Day in Columbia, S.C. Their 10th annual tournament will be held on April 23, 2009 and will honor World Golf Hall of Famer Dr. Charlie Sifford. For information contact Julia Boyd at (803)600-2558 or visit (...more in the Winter/Jan. 2009 issue.)

Keney Links Women's Golf Club

Chicago Women's Golf Club
Ladies golf clubs across the country are enjoying longevity, growing membership and thriving. the Keney Links and Chicago Women's golf clubs are two very remarkable ones that we profile. Each organization has a history of endurance and focus for the future as they aim to keep their torches burning for years to come. ( more in the Spring 2008 issue.)

Vernoncrest Ladies Golf Club
Penny Williams
Club President
This southern California club is in its 60th year and has the distinction of being the oldest women's golf club west of the Mississippi. What's their secret? Find this out in the Winter/ January 2008 issue.


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Connor Graham

While on a family vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina, a life changing experience happened to five-year-old Connor that would change her families dynamic forever...she discover the game of golf.

Now, the game has propelled them all to greater heights in every aspect of life and they have another option for how they spend their 'quality family time.'
She has been names "The Most Improved Golfer" 2006 Georgetown-Horry Chapter. She placed 9th at the All-Stars State Championship at Wescott Plantation Golf Course in Summerville, SC, and has won several medals from Mutual of Omaha Drive, Chip and Putt Competitions. ( more in the Fall 2007 issue.)

Barbara Douglas To Receive GWAA
Ben Hogan Award

Douglas, the chairman of the USGA Women’s Committee has show stamina and courage throughout her executive career and now is no different, while In the midst of a batter with cancer, this fighter and Glendale, Ariz., resident steps forward to accept  the Golf Writers Association of America 2011 Ben Hogan Award. Given annually since 1954, the Hogan Award honors an individual who has continued to be active in golf despite a physical handicap or serious illness. (Read more in the Fall 2010 issue.)

Robin Aikens (LPGA)
Covering the "Celebrity Beat"
Check out the latest happenings with Robin, as she covers the celebrity beat while attending some of the hottest golf outings and tournaments across the country.

Along with running her own successful golf program, and training clinics this author, and mother of twins, also has the latest details, sightings, and goings-on, of anybody who's who!

History Makers
William J. Powell is the only African American in the world to design, build, own and operate a golf course. What has helped keep his dream alive at his Clearview Golf Course in Canton, Ohio?

Let William J. Powell (right) tell you all about it himself. The 91-year-old, WWII veteran has decades of experience at the legendary golf course that is now managed by his beautiful daughter and Head Golf Professional Renee Powell, PGA/LPGA (left). ( more about the "Living Legacy of Clearview" in the Spring 2004 issue.

The Addie Cobb Golf Academy Opens And Receives Sponsorship by MediacomGolf Teaching Professional, Addie Cobb, has received sponsorship by Mediacom of Valdosta, GA, to cover the expenses of her six-month golf school that began operating in June 2008. Over100 youth (age 6-13) will participate in the classes five days a week and receive free instruction and equipment.
(...more in the Summer 2008 issue.)

The 2007 annual spring issue once again highlights some amazing "Black Women In The Golf Industry".

As an accomplished athlete, Debbie Adams' biggest inspiration has been the Ms. Pro-Ama Golf Tour, a mini-tour that she incorporated and developed for girls nationwide.

Young girls from all over the U.S. joined the tour, stayed at a reduced rate in Florida and practiced their games. It was a lot of work that was very rewarding for Debbie, and it allowed her to work on her own game at the same time.

Other profiles of success include Robin Aikens, Ramona M. Harriet, Selina Johnson, Darlene Stowers, and LaRee Sugg.

( more in the Spring 2007 issue.)

Robin Aikens

Darlene Stowers

Ramona M. Harriet


LaRee Sugg

Selina Johnson


"Black Women In The Golf Industry"

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Robin Aikens, LPGA
On-Course Training Steps

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