Purequosa-3 setIt’s the start at the tee box, and you begin to think about how long you’ve been waiting for this.  Another attempt at gaining par for the course.  Well, you’ve got to be relaxed, and confident.  It also helps to know that you’ve given yourself a bit of an advantage and lift in mood and spirit with Prequosa, a natural cleansing body spray that helps nourish and hydrate the skin while neutralizing odor-causing bacteria.

Purequosa (PQ) – pronounced (pure-kwo-sa), is a helpful, natural solution for every activity you can imagine.  The name actually means pure origin.

Try the unique body spray in its Desert cleansing spray formula that includes cistus essential oil.  Once applied, lightly sprayed on the body or face, you will fill the stimulation and mental uplift right away. Ingredients like cistus have benefits for shifting and uplifting energy. A spray into the air or on the face can offer instant relief from fatigue.

The smell of Coastal is clean and uplifting. Coastal blends yucca, aloe and eucalyptus hydrosols with sage essential oil and colloidal silver.

Purequosa also comes in Colloidal Silver formula.  It is perfect for helping to neutralize odor. The formula contains organic plant hydrosols and organic essential oils to do quadruple duty: Heal, nourish, hydrate and refresh.  Many of the essential oils and plant hydrosols have inherent antibacterial properties, as well.

Try Purequosa Rain.  It blends aloe, tea tree, and cucumber hydrosols with clary sage essential oil and colloidal silver. Very refreshing and lightly scented to awaken your inner energy and help to you stay focused on tasks.

How to PQ:

  • Spray from temple to toes
  • Cool your face, clean your pits, refresh unmentionables
  • Stay fresh when traveling
  • Will leave your skin, body and mind balanced and restored

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Store in a cool place. We recommend a small patch test on your skin and your clothes before use!

MSRP: 8oz bottle, $16.95

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